Palmilla Beach


Palmilla Beach is a community and golf resort designed specifically for the Texas gulf coast. With boardwalk access to the beach, the development was both conceived and now being implemented as a place for relaxation and interaction with family, friends, and community. The compact and walkable design aims to promote an outdoor lifestyle with high street activity and urban interest. The client required design services in keeping with the unique Architectural code, but with fresh approaches to take advantage of lot placement and views. MPA is providing continued services along the full spectrum of development offerings: residential, commercial, and mixed-use.

15-070 Google Maps Capture18-061 Palmilla Beach Fairway Rowhouses_516-045 Exterior17-072 Black Marlin Logos17-098 New Town Shops17-043 Seaside Condos bldg 2 lot 17A_Render17-098 Overview