The Saint June Apartments


The Saint June is a 10 building, 182-unit luxury multifamily community located on 36 acres in the rolling hills of Barton Creek. The community was designed with a contemporary aesthetic and biophilic focus, consisting of natural exteriors to complement the Texas Hill Country and modern interiors. To satisfy the irregular topography of the site, each building’s foundation interfaced differently with the sloping geography, thus requiring custom design solutions and detailing for each building. Additionally, as there was a diverse material palette for the exterior facades, there  were many conditions of different wood species, stone masonry, and steel details, requiring a variety of unique design solutions, details, and administration. The project is designed as an Austin Energy Green Building 2 Star rating.

Unique planning features of the project include tuck-under parking below units, which eliminates surface parking and extra carport structures, but also increases security and privacy to individual units. Connection to nature was important to the design, as units have screened-in porches that overlook the Barton Creek Habitat Preserve, and Observation Decks are located on each building. The buildings themselves were positioned on the site to preserve open space, optimize views to greenspace, and protect heritage trees and habitats. Native materials and native landscaping were incorporated into the design, to connect the project back to the hill country.